European Production-ready Cloud platform

OpenCUBE brings the first ready-to-deploy Cloud platform on European Processors

OpenCUBE is missioned to deliver the first deployment-ready cloud platform built on processors made in Europe. In synergy with the efforts of the European Processor Initiative (EPI) in designing and developing European chips, the OpenCUBE project aims to develop a full software stack for promoting performance, energy efficiency, and programming efficacy in heterogeneous data centers. Together with pilot use cases, OpenCube seeks to streamline and encourage user adoption toward the forthcoming European cloud platform.

Multi-Nodes Pilot System

Our pilot system will be installed in two phases. A four-node system has been setup and running at HPE Grenoble Data Centers to facilitate software development and testing. In the second phase, the pilot system will be upgraded into 12-nodes comprised of Sipearl Rhea processors and Semidynamics RISC-V vector processors.

Operating System

We deliver a full software solution including base operating system and system management, Cloud orchestration and scheduling, monitoring infrastructure, and programming environment and tooling to enable bare metal and virtualized environments.

Middleware for Heterogeneous DC

Co-design software for leveraging high-performance network, fabric-attached memory, and heterogeneous compute and memory components in a scalable heterogeneous data center architecture for improved performance and efficiency.

Pilot applications

Cloud-native applications ranging from traditional data-intensive workloads and emerging High-Performance Computing workloads in weather forecasting, drug discovery, and machine learning running on bare metal and converged computing continuum.